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January 7, 2016

ISO Required Changes

Just prior to DEMA 2015, the EUF-Certification audit committee completed an audit to verify that the NAUI training system meets or exceeds the requirements laid out in the ISO (International Standards Organization) diving standards. The audit was conducted by their lead auditor Martin Denison and his staff. The purpose was to renew NAUI’s ISO certifications and also add new courses not included in their earlier audit.

The audit began in Europe with a review and comparison of NAUI’s standards to ISO requirements for comparable courses. The auditors then traveled to NAUI Headquarters in Tampa, Florida, to continue the audit.

On their arrival in Tampa, Martin and his staff worked with the NAUI Training Department staff over the next four days to review and compare NAUI Standards and Policies to the ISO standards and conduct all other elements required by the audit.

The audit included reviews of the latest editions of the NAUI Standards and Policies Manual, NAUI Risk Management Handbook, NAUI courses Instructor Guides, NAUI’s textbooks and support materials, and NAUI’s physical plant and facilities. In addition, the auditors interviewed NAUI Training Department staff and the NAUI Board of Directors Instructors conducting courses.

Interviews of NAUI course participants and NSG customer service staff were also conducted as well as a review of our security procedures for securing member and student databases.

On completion of their audit, the ISO auditors presented a list of additions and changes to the NAUI Standards and Policies Manual that were needed for us to be in compliance with ISO standards. At the November 4, 2015, NAUI Board of Directors meeting, the Board voted to incorporate the necessary changes to the NAUI Standards and Polices Manual.

During the November 28, 2015, EUF meeting, NAUI's Dirk Lucas was presented with the ISO certification document and notified that the EUF voted to re-admit NAUI.

Click here for a pdf of the changes.