Safe Buddy

Safe Buddy Course Overview

The NAUI Safe Buddy program is designed to train uncertified Freedivers, and other aquatic enthusiasts, in the safety and rescue techniques necessary for breath-holding. This program increases safety awareness during recreational breath holding/freediving activities.

During your NAUI Safe Buddy certification course you will learn about safety & problem management for apnea training, and how to respond to Near Blackout & Blackout Management. There are no prerequisites for this course except being in good health.

Get Started

NAUI Freediving courses are offered by NAUI Instructors who have completed additional training to teach freediving. Individuals in good physical condition and who meet the minimum age requirements listed above may enroll in NAUI Freediving courses. To begin your training, contact your local NAUI Dive Center or use our convenient Locator tool to find a NAUI Dive Center or Instructor offering freediving instruction near you.

What’s Next?

Continue your adventure as a NAUI Freediver to complete dives to 66 feet (20 meters).