What program levels and products does NAUI offer?

NAUI offers a full range of training programs, from Skin Diver to Instructor Course Director guidance support; NAUI provides dozens of specialty courses, including Nitrox, Technical Diving Training, and other levels. (These levels include: first aid, CPR, O2, AED, Nitrox, light, photography, search & recovery, rescue of unconscious/submerged diver courses, and first aid for aquatic life injuries.)

  • Training Material At All Levels

    The NAUI framework is the most well founded program in history. Core diver courses, training, and instructor specialties are available in multiple languages and in a variety of media for maximum learning. NAUI provides recognizable items for every level of recreational and technical scuba diver certification.

  • Teaching Methods

    NAUI dedicates itself to ensure training tailored to specific needs. Training is the key to optimal diving enjoyment. NAUI considers performance-based learning and sanctioned academic freedom to be the most advantageous strategies to guaranteed dive mastery.

  • Global Field Support

    Regional offices around the world are available to assist with training needs and to provide regional field support for all facilities, educators and members. NAUI’s national services are available in the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, Europe, Brazil, South Africa and Japan.

  • High Industry Standards

    NAUI programs maintain high quality and uniform education standards for all affiliated diver-training agencies. These stable and reliable standards allow members to enroll in classes at any local NAUI-affiliated dive retailer, college or university at any affiliated dive resort in multiple tropical paradises. NAUI’s unchanging and dependable Try Scuba and Passport Diver programs permit members an aquatic experience the same day training begins.

Since 1960, members of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide) have been training individuals to be the best skin and scuba divers in the world.

NAUI has the highest training standards in the scuba industry, where divers enjoy a worldwide reputation for being accomplished underwater explorers. As a diver, you are provided with dependable NAUI recreational courses and an exclusive NAUI education system from your local NAUI Dive Center.

Millions of others who have discovered scuba have acquired adventure through practical knowledge; NAUI’s well-founded and trusted resources guarantee thorough educational underwater training that prepares you for any unforeseen aquatic events.