Quality Assurance

NAUI is committed to providing the highest quality diver training available and use various methods to ensure NAUI standards are met whenever instruction is conducted. As part of this commitment, we actively monitor and publish recent quality assurance activities.

NAUI Members are defined as NAUI certified Instructors, Divemasters, Assistant Instructors, and Skin Diving Instructors.

If you have any Ethics or Quality Assurance related questions, would like to lodge a complaint about, or extend Kudos to a NAUI Member, please mail, fax or email a signed letter with any supporting documentation (if necessary) to:

NAUI Worldwide

NAUI Worldwide Headquarters
Attn: Ethics & Quality Assurance
9030 Camden Field Parkway
Riverview, FL. 33578
813-628-8253 Fax
813-628-6284 Voice
800-553-6284 Voice

Membership Categories

  • Instructor Members: Members who are NAUI instructors. Current NAUI Active and Sustaining status instructors may vote in NAUI elections.
  • Leadership Members: NAUI members who have attained the certification status of assistant instructor, skin diving instructor, or divemaster. This is a non-voting NAUI membership category.
  • Honorary Members: Individuals who have been elected honorary members of NAUI by the NAUI Board of Directors. This is a nonvoting NAUI membership category.

Below are names of individuals whose membership has been suspended, revoked or reinstated by NAUI Worldwide, those who have voluntarily resigned their membership and those individuals or dive businesses who have not ever been affiliated with NAUI.